Terms of Study Participation

• Participant pays a drastically reduced [nonrefundable] rate of $2,000 to
participate in the study; price increases to $6,000 once 20 betatesters are
Participant agrees to arrive 10 minutes prior to their session to ensure it starts on
Participant agrees to have before & after photos and measurements taken at
each session
Participant agrees to answer followup surveys from each session
Participant agrees to allow the Michelle Ward (Coach) to utilize participant’s
photos, measurements & testimonies anonymously on social media and through
email campaigns to promote the Mind, Body, Spirit program
Participant agrees to provide a testimonial of their experience midway and upon
completion of the program
If participant is amenable, a video testimony of the experience will be recorded
and used for marketing purposes
Participant understands the program length is 4 months in duration and includes
the following:
o 12 UltraSlim sessions (if more sessions are required by participant,
sessions will be booked separately and priced a la carte’)
o 12 VibraGenix sessions
o 12 BrainTap sessions
o 12 weeks of nutritional coaching following the initial 6weeks (Nutrition
sessions are 30 minutes in length and booked weekly via Zoom. If a weekly
session is missed, then it will be forfeited. However, any documents or
handouts planned by the coach for the week will be provided to the client)
Participant understands that discretion is of utmost importance to the Coach
and that every & all personal information shared with the Coach will remain
confidential unless otherwise agreed upon between participant and Coach.

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